9420 91 Street Edmonton, Alberta


head chef

Sean O'Connor

quotationFood is our common ground, a universal experience.quotation

Sean’s interest in food began at a young age when, during lags of good cartoons, he would watch cooking shows. In high school, he took Foods classes even though he was one of the only boys in the class (or maybe because of it!), and he soon found himself graduating from the culinary program at NAIT. He perfected his skills while working for four years at the Hardware Grill, as well as taking the time to see what the world had to offer.

Sean loves to travel and combines his two passions by working in restaurants around the world, such as Le Bernardin (NYC) and Quay (Sydney, Australia). In June 2011, he finished a yearlong international culinary tour that included visits to Japan, Australia, New Zealand and China. Now, with his crew at Red Ox Inn, Sean is using his broadened knowledge to redefine what fine dining means in Edmonton.